Mindarie Mineral Sands Project

Murray Zircon is a Mineral Sands company in the South Australian mining sector and has set its sights on becoming a sustainable mineral sands producer for the long term. Murray Zircon is proposing to initiate operations of the Mindarie Mineral Sands Project by re-commencing mining along the Mercunda strandline.

The Mindarie Mineral Sands Project is located approximately 150 km east of Adelaide in the Murray Mallee Region of South Australia. Murray Zircon has redeveloped and successfully operated the Mindarie Mineral Sands Project since 2012, producing heavy mineral concentrate (HMC).

Mineral sands are natural beach sands containing economic quantities of heavy minerals including zircon, rutile and ilmenite.

Long, narrow strands of these beach sands are mined and the heavy minerals removed using gravity separation to make a HMC. HMC is then further processed to separate the various heavy minerals into individual product streams of zircon, rutile and ilmenite.

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